Dermal Fillers

Aging gracefully doesn’t mean standing by while time steals your youthful features. Preserve your facial contours, restore lost volume, and repair existing signs of aging with dermal fillers.

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Dermal Fillers

Supple, firm skin and gentle contours are the hallmarks of youthful faces. Time and age can make your skin thinner and shift facial structures, hollowing under the eyes and dulling the sharpness of cheekbones. At Balanced Aesthetics, we have dermal filler options to build a more structured jawline and chin, and restore volume to the cheeks, under eyes, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and lips to bring back your youthful face shape and give you a symmetrical, refreshed appearance.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

Because hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body as a way to nourish and hydrate the skin, there’s very little chance of an adverse reaction to JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers. If you’re ready to refresh your appearance and bring back youthful volume, a complimentary consultation at Balanced Aesthetics Medspa is a great way to get started.

What Results Can I Expect?

The beauty of dermal filler injections is the contours are visible right away. You’ll see your volume restored as soon as you leave Balanced Aesthetics Medspa. The Vycross linking technology also prolongs the duration of your results, with Volbella™ providing smoothness around your eyes for 12 months, Voluma™ plumping your cheeks for up to 2 years, and Vollure™ and Ultra XC adding volume to your lips for 6-9 months.

Dermal fillers have exploded in popularity as a way to prevent the signs of aging and repair the damage time has already wrought; Balanced Aesthetics uses only the highest quality dermal fillers, called JUVÉDERM®— a complete line of dermal fillers to meet almost any need.

For lost volume in the cheeks and to add structure to the jawline and chin, Balanced Aesthetics primarily uses JUVÉDERM® Voluma™. The patented Vycross manufacturing process cross-links hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules of different molecular weights. This produces a thick, cohesive gel that gives robust volume while remaining soft for beautiful cheek enhancement and natural structuring of the jawline and chin without fearing the gel will spread.

JUVÉDERM® Volbella™ also cross-links different molecular weights of HA molecules, but this time, the gel’s consistency is delicate and spreadable for correction of lost volume in the under-eye area. No more looking tired or seeming overwhelmed when you’ve had a full night’s rest and are feeling strong.

JUVÉDERM® Vollure™ is a cross-linked formula of HA molecules designed to correct moderate nasolabial folds and marionette lines and enhance lips for the perfect pout. It’s the ideal blend of spreadability and cohesiveness to keep you looking youthful and refreshed.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC use a different type of cross-linking, called Hylacross. These dermal fillers use the same size of HA molecules to achieve beautiful results. Ultra XC is the perfect, thin consistency for diminishing fine lip lines and adding subtle lip volume. We use Ultra Plus XC for patients who desire more than subtle but less than robust volume enhancement. Its medium cohesion fills in moderate facial folds, sculpts the jawline and chin with precision, and gives a more dramatic boost to lip volume.

The treatment itself is relatively painless, thanks to JUVÉDERM® products containing lidocaine in the gel and a topical numbing product your Balanced Aesthetics injection specialist will apply at the start of your appointment. Your injector will map your features to determine the best placement for your JUVÉDERM® filler. The injections themselves usually take under an hour to administer, and you’re quickly back to your regular routine.

Dermal fillers require minimal downtime. There may be some injection site tenderness and redness, and some bruising or swelling is possible, but these resolve within a few days of treatment.

With JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers, you can restore your youthful beauty and diminish volume loss, so your face shape defies your age, and Balanced Aesthetics can help you achieve it. We even offer promotions for dermal filler packages and exclusive BAM member discounts. Give yourself the gift of renewal with dermal fillers at Balanced Aesthetics Medspa.

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