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Everything You Need to Know About Peptide Therapy

Aging brings along frustrating changes. Some of them are visible, such as wrinkles and muscle loss; meanwhile, others, such as health issues, aren’t.

But visible or not, you need to address these concerns before they get out of hand. One way to go about it is taking peptide therapy. Here, we give you a low-down on everything you need to know about it and whether you should take it.

What are peptides?

Peptides are amino acids chain, smaller forms of regular proteins, with each performing a distinct function in the body. Some peptides work like neurotransmitters or hormones, while others directly interact with the body’s response to an activity. Our bodies can efficiently process them.

They are also used as a preventive measure for signs of aging and deteriorating immune system. Various peptides are used for weight loss, healing, muscle growth, hair growth, fat burning, and sexual wellness. They also improve cognitive function and sleeping patterns.

Is it safe?

Most FDA-approved peptide therapies are safe. But you need to take the treatment from a reliable practitioner such as Balanced Aesthetics Med Spa. Also, watch out for low-quality versions sold by non-reputable sellers.

How is peptide therapy administered?

A peptide is administered through injections into the skin to get into the bloodstream faster without breaking other body systems. However, some peptides for specific conditions are also sold as oral capsules, lotions, creams, and nasal sprays.

But the most reliable treatment is via injections as a professional can administer the right amount of each protein customized for the patient as per their requirements.

How does peptide therapy work?

A peptide is a protein, which our bodies can break into amino acids. Depending on the treatment area and reason, other hormones also produce amino acids, releasing two chemicals—constitutive secretion and regulated secretion.

Each hormone moves through the bloodstream as they are soluble in water but does not penetrate the plasma membrane. It’s because the membrane is a lipid layer, and only fat-soluble hormones can pass through it.

These chemical messengers interact with one another to amplify the peptide hormone’s binding with the cell. Peptide therapy uses peptides that target specific cell types in the body—some break down fat cells or improve muscle retention/recovery post-workout. Meanwhile, others protect skin from UV rays and reduce inflammation and pain in joints.

When can you see the results?

Peptide therapy does not provide an instant cure. Instead, it acts as a support system to improve the progress of specific issues. There is no immediate difference after taking peptide therapy for any cause. It might take more than several weeks or a few months to see noticeable effects.

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Find out if peptide therapy is for you

Medical professionals are now using peptide therapy as a complete treatment for various ailments. At Balanced Aesthetics Medspa, we can help if you are interested in losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or boosting hair growth. Talk to our professionals to see if it will work for you. You can reach out to us at (470) 226-2390 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our services.

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