The skin does an amazing job of protecting us from the sun and environmental toxins. However, fending off those elements can take a toll on the skin’s surface, leaving it dull, damaged, and ready for a recharge. Balanced Aesthetics Medspa has just the recharge you need with the HydraFacial®.


Am I a Good Candidate?

HydraFacial® can improve all skin conditions, no matter your skin type. Your comprehensive consultation at Balanced Aesthetics Medspa will include a thorough evaluation of your skin’s current state to determine the best serums to achieve your goals. Be sure to relay any skin sensitivities along with your dermatological history and any medications you’ve taken within the last 30 days, including topical treatments.

What Results Can I Expect?

Clients notice an immediate glow to their skin after treatment, and with repeated treatments, your skin will be firmer, smoother, and more youthful looking. The HydraFacial® can even be performed before a special event to ensure you look fabulous.

How Does the HydraFacial® Work?

The HydraFacial® is a unique skincare system that combines exfoliation and extraction with the infusion of personalized serums to revitalize your skin. Your Balanced Aesthetics specialist will exfoliate the topmost layer of your skin to remove debris and damaged cells and clear away any barriers that limit the absorption of skincare products. The spiral HydroPeel® tip uses gentle suction to clear your pores while simultaneously infusing your tissues with hand-selected serums to treat your specific concerns, like dry, mature, or acne-prone skin. Once unhealthy cells and debris are removed, we saturate with healthy peptides and antioxidants for the best skin of your life. The HydraFacial® pampers your skin, improving the surface for better product absorption, smoother makeup application, and an overall beautiful complexion.

HydraFacial® benefits:

Thoroughly cleanses the skin

Exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, removing debris and dead cells

Painless extraction of clogged pores and toxins through gentle suction

Rehydration to restore suppleness

What is the HydraFacial® Like?

The HydraFacial® is incredibly relaxing and not at all painful. Your skin is given the royal treatment as the HydroPeel® wand is moved over your face to cleanse, exfoliate, and extractimpurities. The infused serums are more deeply absorbed to improve your collagen network for more youthful, smooth skin. Our HydraFacial® clients find the treatment so enjoyable they follow our suggested treatment recommendation of 2 HydraFacials® per month for up to 8 treatments and then maintenance treatments for the rest of the year.

Is There Any Downtime?

No, quite the opposite. Your skin will feel clean and rejuvenated. We recommend not applying makeup or heavy facial products and refraining from touching your face for at least 4-6 hours post-treatment.

At Balanced Aesthetics Medspa, we take your skin’s treatment and health to the next level, whether you’re looking to treat ongoing skin concerns, prepare for a big event, or simply want to keep your complexion looking its best. For a next-level skin treatment, schedule a HydraFacial® today.


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