Laser Fungus Removal

We want to look our best from head to toe in every situation, and that includes our feet. When a fungal infection rears its ugly head, it can leave our nails discolored, flaky, or thick and bumpy. Not only does it dictate our footwear choice, but it can also make us uncomfortable in social and personal situations. At Balanced Aesthetics Medspa, we have laser fungus removal treatments that can get your feet (or hands) in tip-top shape for summer or any time you want to go barefoot.


Am I a Good Candidate?

The sooner you have laser fungus treatment, the more successful the treatment is. Once you have confirmed the nature and type of fungal infection with your doctor, our laser fungus removal treatments can stop the fungus in its tracks.

What Results Can I Expect?

The infection for most clients clears up after 3-4 laser fungus removal treatments. It will take some time for your nail to return to a healthy state afterward because the new nail growth must replace the damaged portion.

For more stubborn fungal infections, as many as 5-8 treatments may be required. Following the post-treatment care instructions, such as keeping the treatment area clean and dry, speeds the time it takes for your nails to recover fully. It may take as long as 6-9 months before your new nail growth shows no sign of the ravages from the infection.

How Does Laser Fungus Removal Work?

The microscopic organisms that cause fungal infections are sometimes difficult to avoid, especially if you’re in damp environments like the beach, a pool, or the locker room at the gym. If there is an injury to your toes, they can be particularly susceptible. Covering the problem up with footwear can exacerbate the infection if not enough air circulation reaches your skin. This can lead to detachment from the nail bed, discomfort when walking, and it can spread to other nails.

Thankfully, laser fungus removal at Balanced Aesthetics can help. The laser energy passes harmlessly through the nail itself to reach the area where the fungus grows—beneath the nail, where it’s most difficult to reach. The fungus absorbs the energy, effectively killing it and preventing further spread.

Laser fungus removal has these benefits:

Generally more effective than other options for treating fungus

The disappearance of yellow, white, or brown discoloration and flaky debris at the infected area

• Nail reattachment to the nail bed (once healed and the fungus is completely gone)

• Normal shape and texture of new nail—the disappearance of thickness, bumps, and abnormal nail shape

• Sessions are quick and usually only take about 30 minutes to complete

What is the Treatment Like?

While the infection itself may be painful, laser fungus removal is not uncomfortable, depending on the severity of your infection. The energy is directed at the site of infection and penetrates through the nail to kill the microbes responsible. The treatment itself takes 30 minutes on average, and afterward, you put on your shoes and return to your normal schedule.

Is There Any Downtime?

You may experience some mild pain or bleeding for a few hours after your treatment, but as long as you keep the skin clean and dry, your tissues have the greatest chance of healing.

If you’re self-conscious of the state of your nails and have been fighting an uncomfortable fungal infection that has you hesitant to bare your feet, then Balanced Aesthetics can help. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for that pedicure you’ve been wanting.


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