What is Red Light Therapy?

Also known as LED light therapy or low level light therapy (LLLT), red light therapy emits light close to the infrared range. This wavelength of energy alerts  your cells to activate their metabolism and enter healing mode. Red light stimulation produces beneficial results with no harmful effects. 

How Does Red Light or LED Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy use LED lights that emit very specific wavelengths of light that enter the body and stimulate cells to build collagen and stimulate more energy into healing. This can improve conditions all over the body, from rejuvenating the face to easing joint soreness. 

Red light affects the mitochondria, the small bodies inside cells that make energy. The mitochondria begin to produce extra energy, which the cell then uses for rebuilding and repairing. 

Effects of red light therapy may include:

Improved wound healing

Less pain and soreness

Decrease in signs of aging

Improved skin tone and texture

Increased hair growth

Used on the face, red light therapy has powerful anti-aging effects by stimulating collagen, which smooths wrinkles and tightens skin. Used on areas of thinning hair, it can stimulate the sleeping hair follicles to regenerate.

What is Red Light Therapy Like?

LED lights in the therapy bed emit red light. Your skin absorbs this light to a depth of approximately 5 millimeters, allowing it to reach deeper layers of skin where new growth and energy production occur. 

You will not feel any discomfort. It produces a gentle warmth. The length of treatment varies widely depending on the area to be treated, the results desired, and your provider’s treatment plan, but generally we recommend 25 minute sessions.


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