Jawline & Neck Rejuvenation

This often overlooked and ignored area, when it comes to anti-aging and sun protection, with time many people may not think about those areas until they suddenly notice wrinkles, sagging and other visible signs of aging after years have passed or after significant weight loss. Your neck and lower face play a large part in your overall appearance.

Just like any other place on your body, your lower face and neck are subject to environmental and genetic factors that affect the way your skin ages. You may not be as careful applying anti-aging serums or physical sunscreen to your jawline, under the chin, neck or chest. As a result, the skin there may not receive the benefits of anti-aging skincare and sun protection that the rest of your face does, leaving it more vulnerable to early aging.

Depending on your aesthetic needs, we can recommend one or more of the following that may be used to rejuvenate your appearance and give you the results you’re looking for:


HD Radiesse® for Neck
rejuvenation – HD Radiesse®

HD Radiesse® for Neck rejuvenation – HD Radiesse® is one of the newest advances in injectables. Hyperdilute Radiesse is a collagen stimulating filler mixed with saline that is used to improve skin texture and elasticity. The skin rejuvenating effects of this treatment are pronounced and visible, with reduction of fine lines, crepiness and skin laxity, making it a perfect treatment for the neck. A series of two to three treatments, six weeks apart is typically needed to achieve optimal results.

Volux® for Jawline rejuvenation

Volux® for Jawline rejuvenation - Volux® is our newest filler technology create a long-lasting structure. When used in areas to increase volume such as the jawline, optimal results may require several treatments over the course of a year. Volux can also be used with bio-stimulating fillers like Radiesse or Sculptra to address overall volume loss and structural changes that happen with age.

When using bio-stimulatirs, we are essentially building a foundation, we recommend a 2nd treatment at 12 weeks so we can “build” on the last layer. Think of it as building a wall, one layer of bricks at a time. Radiesse® and Sculptra® are fantastic volumizers to build a lasting change in the areas treated. This is an alternative to some fillers, which provide more temporary results. Radiesse® and Sculptra® add long term volume to areas that have atrophied with age, or for those wanting volume or reshaping of midface and jawline.

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Neuro modulators can be used in combination with HD Radiesse®, fractional laser or RF microneedling and can help with what is called “necklace lines”. Injecting these into the neck area can help by reducing the depth of wrinkles caused by repetitive movements.

Physician dispensed skin care regimens

Physician dispensed skincare can provide improved results for medical aesthetic treatments, and help you achieve your skin goals faster. The quality of ingredients, purity, technology and delivery systems in physician dispensed skincare lines are far superior to products sold through retailers and drug stores. We can help you achieve your ideal skin by customizing a regimen for you. You can add a complimentary SkinScope Analysis to any service or book a consultation to get started.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can help boost efficacy of other treatments and help your homecare products work better by enhancing penetration. Peels tackle textural issues, dullness, pore size, pigment and photo damage on the face, jawline and neck, that cause the skin to look unevenly pigmented, congested and wrinkled. Booking a peel consultation is the best way to find out which peel is best to address your unique needs.

RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling combines the proven collagen induction therapy of microneedling with radio frequency to deliver energy below the surface of the skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser

The Secret Fractional CO2 treatment for neck wrinkles is considered as one of the most effective and successful treatment procedures to rejuvenate the neck. It gives long term results and returns the neck to more youthful appearance, for a longer period of time. It’s a great treatment to be used in combination with HD Radiesse® and our favorite neck homecare product, Techno Neck Cream from SkinBetter.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse is an injectable filler made from a mineral found naturally in our bodies, so it is very biocompatible. Radiesse® can treat volume loss, crepey skin, wrinkles and deep folds by replacing and stimulating collagen production.

How long does Radiesse® last?

Radiesse® produces results which last for nearly two years, after which repeat treatments will be required to maintain the results.

How does Radiesse® build collagen?

Radiesse® contains calcium-based microspheres suspended in gel that immediately settle under the skin, then support the skin’s infrastructure to create volume and lift. This smooths the surface and the appearance of wrinkles.

Then, over time, with treatment, this unique solution works with the body to help stimulate the growth of new collagen and regenerate tissue in the area.

Is Radiesse® better than Voluma?

While both treatments are a form of dermal filler, the different compositions of Radiesse® — calcium-based microspheres, and Voluma® products are a hyaluronic acid solution, means that there are pros and cons to each treatment option.

You should discuss all possible treatment options, including Radiesse® versus Juvéderm®, with our expert injector during your consultation appointment to discover which option is best for you.

How Long Does Radiesse® Take to deliver results?

Most patients will see results from Radiesse® immediately following their first treatment. Results can continue to develop over the next 2-3 months if the area needs multiple treatments.

Can Radiesse® be dissolved?

No, Radiesse® immediately spreads beneath the surface of the skin. Over a period of 12 to 18 months, it will dissolve naturally as it builds the underlying collagen network.

However, unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse® doesn’t have any known agents that will immediately neutralize and dissolve it once administered. So choosing a highly qualified injector versed in administering Radiesse® properly is essential.

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