Are you dealing with common struggles like:

  • Can't make progress no matter how hard you work?
  • Feel drained or lack energy several times a week?
  • Struggle to lose weight?
  • Get sick easily or often?
  • Have medical issues that stump doctors?
  • Blood tests come back "normal" but you still don't feel right?
  • Feel down or confused about what to do because all the supplements and diets you've tried don't produce results.

Well you're NOT alone

Studies show that 80% of people are struggling to lose weight or are dealing with health challenges that don’t seem to respond to what they are currently doing. But we are here to tell you that there is HELP. There ARE things that can kick your body into gear and you CAN start getting results.

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Just ask Jasmine

"I'm a 35-year-old woman who's been trying to improve my health and shed some stubborn pounds that seemed to cling no matter the diet or exercise regimen I followed. A visit to Balanced Aesthetics Medspa turned out to be a game-changer. Bethany there suggested I try a GLP-1 peptide to help with my weight management goals.

Since starting on my GLP-1, the transformation has been incredible. My appetite is now under control, which has helped me make smarter food choices and portion control has become easier. The injection routine is straightforward and has seamlessly blended into my weekly routine. With the newfound energy, I've been more active, enjoying hikes over the weekends which was a chore before. I'm so thankful to Bethany and Balanced Aesthetics Medspa for introducing me to GLP-1's, it's been an integral part of my journey toward better health and a more active lifestyle."


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Eating clean whole foods, drinking plenty of high quality mineralized water, avoiding processed foods and drinks, limiting alcohol, getting plenty of sleep and exercising many times a week are the cornerstones of good health.

But we also know it can be hard to do all the things, all the time.

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The GLP-1 Advantage

We know that feeling your best in today’s world requires an advantage.

GLP-1 Peptides give you that advantage.

What are GLP-1 peptides you ask?

GLP-1 Peptides like Tirzepatide and Semaglutide improve natural processes and signals that your body is already doing, but the signals have gotten weaker because of high blood sugar resulting from poor diet, imbalanced hormones, lack of sleep, lack of fiber, too much processed foods and many other factors that are nearly impossible to escape in today’s world.

Here's what you need to know:

  • GLP-1’s are peptide that works to decrease blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production and also lowers the amount of sugar the liver makes.

  • It also slows the rate food passes through your body which makes you feel full longer, and this is one of the ways it can help with weight loss.

  • GLP-1’s has been shown to help with weight loss in overweight patients and should be used together with healthy diet and exercise.

  • It generally takes about 4 weeks or longer before you see the full benefit of this medicine. However most patients report feeling a difference within days.

  • Inflammation and high blood sugar levels are closely related. High blood sugar levels can cause your blood vessels to produce damaging reactive molecules called free radicals, which can lead to inflammation in the blood vessels.

  • High blood sugar can cause insulin resistance that often accompanies it, can be pro-inflammatory.

You shouldn’t go through this process alone or buy these from online websites.

We will help determine GLP-1 is best for you, by going over your health history and unique goals. We are with you through the journey. We offer concierge level wellness & weight loss programs. That means regular check in follow ups, and access to our team to help answer questions, and place your refill orders easily.

At your follow ups, our medical providers will make sure all is going well, make adjustments, monitor any side effects and adust the dosage if needed.

Furthermore, with online websites there is no guarantee that these are manufactured using what is called cGMP practices. Meaning there is no guarantee of the purity, strength and results. You don’t want to risk your health. We only work with cGMP pharmacy partners that use the highest quality raw materials to compound your peptides.

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