Do you often get asked if you’re angry or if there’s something wrong based on your resting expression? For some people, dynamic wrinkles between the brows produced by frowning or deep focus can make them seem stern, serious, or even angry. If this doesn’t truly reflect your personality, Balanced Aesthetics Medspa can help erase your brow furrows and frown lines with Xeomin®.


Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re bothered by glabellar lines, the vertical lines between the brows that are sometimes called the “elevens,” Xeomin® may be the answer you’ve been looking for. This treatment is well tolerated by most adult men and women who are not allergic to Xeomin’s® ingredients. If you have an active infection in the treatment area, you should postpone treatment until it is cleared. Get started with a consultation at Balanced Aesthetics.

What Results Can I Expect?

You may see visible relaxing of your frown lines within 3-4 days of treatment with Xeomin®, which peaks around 30 days. The effects of Xeomin® can last up to 3 months before retreatment is necessary. For seasoned Xeomin® patients, the treated muscles may become accustomed to the medication, prolonging the effectiveness.


How Does Xeomin Work?

Xeomin® is similar to BOTOX®in that it’s a neurotoxin derived frombotulinum toxin Type Athat blocks the chemicals that cause dynamic muscle movement common in frowns or furrowing the brows. ButXeomin® goes a step furtherwith a precision manufacturing process thatremoves unnecessary proteinswhich add no benefit to the treatment. By injecting Xeomin® into the muscles between the brows, we canpause the repetitive motionof frowning, scowling, or deep focus expressions to allow frown lines to relax and disappear.

What is the Treatment Like?

Treatment with neurotoxins is remarkably fast, taking only 15-20 minutes to complete. Your Balanced Aesthetics specialist will map your anatomy to determine the best placement for your Xeomin® injections. Because neurotoxin injections involve ultra-thin needles with micro-dosing, you shouldn’t feel more than a tiny pinch of the injection itself. Afterward, you’re free to return to your schedule, though you may need to avoid strenuous exercise for 12 hours.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is very little downtime with Xeomin®. Some clients report injection site tenderness or a headache, but these resolve without a day or two.


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