Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The formation of lines and wrinkles happens because collagen fibers —the skin’s most important support structure — are slower to form and repair as time goes on. When we lose this support, the skin begins to droop. Repetitive expressions also contribute to wrinkles. So what can you do to keep your skin looking young and firm? Balanced Aesthetics Medspa has many treatment options to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.


Am I a Good Candidate?

Some laser treatments are dependent on your skin type and depth of color to minimize the risk of hyperpigmentation. However, because we offer alternatives to laser treatment, there’s an option suitable for nearly anyone looking to reduce or erase fine lines and wrinkles. Schedule a consultation with Balanced Aesthetics to learn how each option works for you and create a treatment plan to get started.

What Results Can I Expect?

At Balanced Aesthetics, we don’t offer treatments that don’t produce good, effective, measurable results. How soon you see these results depends on the treatment you’ve chosen. For dermal fillers, you’ll see immediate improvement to your fine lines and wrinkles.BOTOX®takes about 1 week to be effective, and laser treatments and chemical peels can have recovery times of 1-3 weeks depending on their depth. Regardless of the treatment you choose, your skin will be tighter, smoother, more evenly textured, and beautifully youthful. You’ll look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

What Treatments are Available for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Minimizing lines and wrinkles is about more than your skin’s surface. It’s about keeping your skin healthy at every layer, and there are various treatments at Balanced Aesthetics that do just that.


Sometimes, you’ve earned your lines and wrinkles through a full range of expressions, like smiles or frowns. When this happens, a neurotoxin such as  BOTOX® or Xeomin® may be your solution. Neurotoxins pause muscle movement that contributes to creating lines and wrinkles, so your skin has time to heal and repair wrinkled skin. It’s a quick solution—taking about 1 week to become effective—and you can see genuine improvement for months to come.

Some wrinkles are not caused by dynamic muscle movements made while expressing yourself. If you’ve lost facial volume, your skin may sag, revealing lines and wrinkles around your mouth or chin. This is where JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers shine. By restoring volume to the areas where you’ve lost it, we can tighten your skin and contour your face to the more rounded, youthful shape you once had. We have a line of JUVÉDERM® fillers to meet virtually any desired aesthetic result, and we have the expertise and talent to bring your goals to life.


This treatment directs micro-pulses of laser energy to the dermis, where the building blocks of collagen reside. By stimulating deeper tissues with gentle laser energy, we can jumpstart the growth of new collagen fibers to firm up and tighten your skin. Existing fibers get repaired, and circulation is improved to keep your skin healthy and smooth.


RF Microneedling is a fantastic treatment for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles because it stimulates the skin to heal damaged cells through controlled micro-injuries. Adding radiofrequency (RF) energy to the mix prompts tissues in the dermis to rebuild, repair, and renew collagen fibers, so the wrinkles that heal from the treatment are erased.


Sometimes, removing the topmost layer of the skin is necessary to get rid of damaged cells that dull and wrinkle your complexion. Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing does just that. By creating a controlled injury to the skin’s surface, followed by laser energy delivered to the dermal layer, we can boost skin’s tone and texture through healing and collagen production. CO2 skin resurfacing goes deeper than other laser treatments, so it’s rejuvenation at every layer. When your skin is healthy inside, it looks beautifully smooth and youthful on the outside.


The beauty of chemical peels is how customizable they are. There’s a formula for nearly every type of skin and sensitivity level. You can also do a series of milder peels to shorten recovery times and accumulate improvements over time, or you can choose to be more aggressive for more dramatic results after some recuperation. The acid formulas in your peel will remove damaged skin from your top layer and bring healing to the tissues that have caused fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin emerges fresh and rejuvenated with a youthful glow.

What is the Treatment Like?

No matter which treatment you’ve chosen, you’ll undergo your procedure in the comfort of the Balanced Aesthetics Medspa offices, where privacy and expertise meet for world-class treatment. We offer a topical anesthetic to any patient undergoing a potentially painful treatment, so you’re as comfortable as possible. You may still feel the slight sting of the laser energy, the tingling of a chemical peel, or the pinch of a needle with injectables, but these are minimized as much as possible. After your treatment, you’ll be able to recuperate in the comfort of your own home.

Are There Any Downtimes?

The procedure you’ve chosen will dictate how much recovery time you require. For most of these treatments, you may experience some redness, bruising, swelling, or itching as you heal, and for injectables, there may be some injection site tenderness. Your individual treatment will come with thorough aftercare instructions to be followed for fewer complications.


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