Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair is universally regarded as one of the more irritating chores in people’s grooming routines. It causes pain, takes time, and costs can add up. You don’t have to endure this, however. Balanced Aesthetics Medspa has your unwanted hair solution with laser hair removal.


Am I a Good Candidate?

The advancements in lasers have made it possible for more patients with a greater range of skin types and tones to have laser hair removal with fewer risks and better outcomes. Patients with more contrast between their hair and skin colors see a higher success rate with laser hair removal than some clients with more deeply toned skin. If you’re unsure if you would benefit from laser hair removal, schedule a complimentary consultation with Balanced Aesthetics to learn more. We will discuss your medical and skin history—patterns of healing, history of skin cancer, or other skin disorders—and any current medications you’re taking, including topical.

What Results Can I Expect?

Patients typically see thinner, sparser hair growth after 2 treatments. Hair follicles will keep shedding with continued treatments scheduled every 4-6 weeks until no unwanted hair remains. Your skin is smooth and hair-free without razor burn, without ingrown hairs, and for a much longer time, maybe even years. It’s normal for a strand or two to return to your treatment area in the months or years that follow, but they’re easily handled with a maintenance treatment or two.

How Has Laser Hair Removal Evolved?

Electrolysis used to be the standard treatment for the successful removal of unwanted hair. Each strand had to be individually zapped, and it was incredibly time-consuming and painful for the patient. Today’s laser hair removal is so much more advanced, treating even large areas—like the back, chest, or legs— more quickly and thoroughly than before. Not only does this reduce the number of sessions needed to remove unwanted hair altogether, but it also saves you time and money.

The laser’s energy targets the pigment in follicles during the active growth phase, which only about 30% of hair follicles are in at one time. That pigment absorbs the energy as heat, which damages the follicle beyond repair. The follicle breaks down to be shed by the body, after which point it is replaced by a dormant follicle becoming active.

Each subsequent laser hair removal treatment targets the newly active follicles, and after an average of 4-6 sessions, your treatment area becomes hair-free and smooth. Throw away your razors, cancel your waxing appointments, and love your morning routine again.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Like?

You’ll receive preparation and aftercare instructions before undergoing your laser hair removal treatments. We’ll begin by making you comfortable with topical anesthetic upon request, though many patients do just fine during treatment without it. They equate the laser energy to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Each treatment should take less than an hour, and you’re free to return to your routine, provided you follow some precautions with sun exposure.

Is There Any Downtime?

You may experience some redness and swelling during and right after treatment, but it usually subsides within hours. The Balanced Aesthetics Medspa’s certified laser practitioners are experienced professionals who can help minimize complications, like temporary or permanent pigmentation changes to your skin.


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